January 24, 2012

Parent Dating in Cornwall– 5 Tips for a Successful First Date

Hello, Cornish Parent Friends! Haven’t had a fabulous date since you don’t know when? Here are a few tried and true tips for you. Parent dating in Cornwall is no different than being, well, Cornish Parent friends. Parent dating in Cornwall is no different than dating as a young man or woman–well, perhaps it is, but only a bit. As a Parent dating Cornwall can be a wonderful place to be! The tips are the same as any other date, really.

Tip Number One: Be Well Groomed. You don’t have to be a millionaire to impress the other gender, but you do need to smell nicely, and not look tatty! Press your slacks, and use perfume and cologne judiciously–some scent is intoxicating, too much is noxious! The best rule: If In Doubt– Go Without!

Tip Number Two: Be Yourself! Parent dating in Cornwall (or anywhere else, for that matter) need not be frightening. If you like books, and hate politics, discuss books and steer away from politics. If your new Cornish Parent friends aren’t interested in your interests–that’s a clue for you!

Tip Number Three: Be Safe! Parent dating in Cornwall is not without its risks. Cornwall itself is fine. But did you know that more Parents than teenagers contract Sexually Transmitted Diseases? You may not be worried about pregnancies any longer; however, both partners can still catch nasty diseases, especially if you have not had an exam for a while and don’t think you need one. Whether you are male or female, you should protect yourself now, just as you would have when you were younger. If you are not comfortable buying protection in person, try ordering online– these products will arrive for a Parent dating Cornwall in a discreet package.

Tip Number Four: Ask your partner for advice on where to go. He or she will like to give input! Put don’t be afraid to just make a decision, either. A Single Parent in Cornwall could visit St Ives with their award winning beaches, and local festivals. Try surfing, or watch the surfers, if you and your Cornish Parent friends are less action minded–or are mindful of the cold! Penzance has the Branwell House, where the mother and aunt of the Bronte sisters lived. Try Truro for the Cathedral, or for the Royal Cornwall Museum (check out the Arthur Stone!) Go to fabulous St. Austell and see the Eden Project or the Gardens of Heligan. Try Falmouth, with one of the deepest harbors in the world, the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, the Falmouth Art Gallery, and the Greenbank Hotel–the place where the Wind in the Willows was written! If all else fails, try a local restaurant, pub or coffee house and play whist or euchre.

Tip Number Five: Enjoy Yourself. Even if you don’t find your next life mate, get out of the flat and have a good time. Enjoy life, and all its moments. A Parent dating in Cornwall can have just as marvellous a time now as they ever did before!

Best Wishes!