January 16, 2014

Things to Consider When Dating as a Single Parent

Having children should not stop you from meeting new people and creating romantic relationships. However, dating as a single parent can be complicated and tough. But it can also be very rewarding. To be successful in your dating venture as a single parent, here are some things to consider:

Learn time-management skills. Of course, you already know that time-management is important when taking care of a child. Nevertheless, you may need to up your skill in managing your time and schedules to be successful in dating. Your work, children, time for yourself and dating: you need to be efficient in managing your schedules to balance everything. Look for someone you trust who can take care of your children when you are out dating. Your support system can be your family, friends or relatives. Enjoy the excitement of new dates – just make sure it’s in the schedule.

Priorities. It is hard to prioritize when you have a lot of things going through your mind. Setting your priorities straight can also become more challenging, especially when your kids are still young and require extra care and support from a parent. It’s important to be clear about your priorities for dating –are you looking for fun, companionship or a serious relationship – you don’t have time to waste so be clear from the start.

Telling your kids. If you are seeing someone new, your kids have the right to know. You will have to consider the age of your child for how much information is appropriate, if he or she can readily accept your new partner and act according to their reaction. Be mindful about the proper way of introducing your date to your kids and wait until the time is right.